4 Point Bocote Cue with Lightning Bolts and 4 Green Chilli Peppers


Front: Bocote
Butt Sleeve:
Butt Sleeve Inlay: 4 Lightning Bolts & 4 Green Chilli Peppers
Butt Cap: Natural Brown Linen
Handle: Myrtle Wood
Joint: Aegis
Points: 4 Myrtle Wood
Inlay: 4 White Turquoise
Ring(s) at Joint: Natural Brown Linen
Ring Above Wrap:
Ring(s) Below Wrap:
Pin: Brass 3/8-8 radial
Shaft(s): 1
Ferrule(s): Melamine
Tip: 11 Layered Medium Ultraskin
Weight: 16.3
Price: 600